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KnitOwl Discount Coupons

Apply the coupon code to the basket during checkout.

Only one coupon campaign can be redeemed per basket!

If you want to take advantage of more than one coupon campaign then do the following:

  1. Place products in basket that apply to a particular discount coupon campaign.
  2. You can build a mixed basket including non-discounted products, but when you redeem the coupon code, the discount is only applied to qualifying products.
  3. Checkout and pay for the first basket.
  4. Start a new basket based on another coupon campaign
  5. Checkout and pay for the second basket.

NB. Coupon Codes are case sensitive and you must type all characters including dashes, dots, or underscores as displayed within the quotation marks.
(i.e. don't include the quotation marks!)

Coupon Campaigns...

ROWAN Discount Offer 

Expires June 3Oth 2015


Click coupon to jump to ROWAN Yarns

Bergere de France Discount Offer 

Expires June 3Oth 2015

Bergere A To FBergere G to Z

Click coupons to jump to Bergere Yarns

New 2015 discount coupons coming soon this space.